Herbi Mix – Premium Gut Load – 100g


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 Herbi Mix – Premium Gut Load

Herbi Mix - premium Gut Load
Herbi Mix – premium Gut Load

Our Herbi Mix premium gut load are a specially designed blend of ingredients for feeding to your insects within the 24 hours prior to being given to your animals.

The mix is full of natural ingredients designed to truly gut load your Livefood with the best of vitamins and minerals in order to give your animals the most healthy and nutritious of diets.

The things we feed our Livefood are just as important as the Livefood that we feed our animals. Insects that have been sat in a tub for a week before being given to your animals have very little nutritional value compared to a nice full bellied insect. Equally, an insect that is full of Lettuce is not going to pass on very much nutrition to your animal, whereas one full of our Premium Gut Load full of Bee Pollen, Nettle, Dandelion, Mulberry Leaf, Marigolds, Hibiscus Flowers, Clover, Fennel Seeds, Alfafa, Kelp, Apple Powder, Carrot Powder, Paprika, Spirulina, Sunflower Hearts is going to pass on plenty! These ingredients will help your animals to stay healthy and strong, boost their immune system and their digestion as well as help bring out their colours better too!

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