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Blue ambanja panther chameleon females

I have some blue ambanja panther chameleon females ready to go. These would make an awesome addition to any ambanja breeding project or just gorgeous pets. Females have brilliant characters but you must be aware that they can and will lay eggs regardless of any contact with a male.

As long as you raise them correctly (as they have been from hatch) they usually have no problems with this as long as suitable lay bin is provided. I am happy to help guide keepers through this process. As adults females are a beautiful pink with hints of purples they don’t get the bright colours of the males but this is reflected in their purchase price.

Detailed care information can be found here

why not add one of these stunning blue ambanja panther chameleon females to your collection? You wont be disappointed they are already extremely beautiful

Blue ambanja panther chameleon female
stunning female
super cute