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4 star licensed breeder

4 star licensed breeder.

Here at pretty scaley things I have successfully passed the local councils animal activities licence with flying colours to the highest possible level for breeding chameleons and hognose snakes. I am very proud to have achieved the maximum possible star rating for my first time licence. The star rating is based on exceeding minimum enclosure sizes, regular temperature and uvb tube output monitoring and knowledge of care of the species I work with. Its been a long, eventful and chamtastic adventure to get here and I look forward to many more years of providing exceptional quality chameleons to their new owners. helping new keepers on their chameleon journey is as much fun for me as it is for them! Being a 4 star licensed breeder you know you are being well looked after and going  to get the best quality new pet. I’m always happy to provide setup advice and ongoing care advice throughout the animals life.  I also recommend you join our super active group on facebook Chameleons UK

Your new pet will soon also come with a discount voucher for exotic pet insurance should you wish to take advantage of that

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4 star licensed breeder
when all your hard work pays off

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  1. Hi, I love all your info on here. I’m relatively new to chameleons, I started with a Yemen around 10 months ago, then got an Ambilobe panther a few months after, I’m picking up a female panther soon to try breed with my boy, in time I’d love to be a registered breeder like yourself, how do I go about becoming a registered breeder?

    1. Hi Sarah thank you for your lovely feedback! Chameleons are totally addictive aren’t they! Good luck with your plans! Contact your local council to apply for the animal activities licence. There’s a whole book of guidelines. You’ll need to write up all of your husbandry procedures and also record temps and uvb output etc to gain higher level status.

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