Welcome to the home of Pretty-Scaley-Things, 4 star licensed breeder of chameleons and hognose snakes. Here you will find chameleon care sheets and my current chameleons and hognoses for sale.

Our aim is to provide the best homes for our reptiles. Please do get in touch if there is a specific locale or type of chameleon you are looking for as a lot of my babies get reserved before they ever see the website. I also have a lot of contacts in the chameleon world so may be able to help you find what your are looking for.

All our reptiles are bred from our own animals and lovingly cared for from a little egg to being old enough to go out into the big wide world all on their own. No chameleon is allowed to leave for its new home until it is at least 12 weeks old, sometimes longer if I feel they need to grow a bit more, for hognoses they will be confidently and regularly feeding on unscented mice.

In the chameleon care sheet section you will find care sheets for panthers, yemens and montane species. These are based on how I care for my chameleons at pretty-scaley-things and have been successfully doing so for the last 7 or 8 years now. Please do check them out if this is going to be your first chameleon or even the first of a new species of chameleon. Even if you’ve been keeping them for a while you may still find some useful new information! There is always more to learn with these wonderful animals. I also highly recommend you join Chameleons UK on facebook where we have many years of experience between us and provide fairly instant husbandry and care advice https://www.facebook.com/groups/990611074356866/

I will be adding more information to this page over the coming weeks, but you can follow our progress on our blog page

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